Values which push us forward

Our values

Independence, confidence, quality, expertise and mastery of foreign languages are the values whichinfluenceour team daily in their advisory mission.

Our law firm, which has offices in Liège, Brussels, Antwerp, Paris, and Cologne, is independent and is not subject to the control of any foreign company, whether constituted of lawyers or of representatives of other professions.

Our work is grounded in confidence.  Our clients are first and foremost our partners and our paramount goal is to create a long term relationship with them.  Our mission consists in informing and advising our clients on every legal aspects of the decisions they take.

Our objective is to provide excellent services to our clients and to ensure a constancy of performance in the quality of our work.

Each and every of our lawyers specialises in a specific field of the law.  Several of them hold a position of assistant professor or professor in universities of the country and appear frequently as speakers at seminars or conferences.  They publish articles in renowned legal journals in the fields they are active in.

Mastery of languages
Our lawyers speak French, Dutch, German, or English, which are sometimes their native tongue.  The legal opinions, the agreements, or the procedural submissions we draft are established and proof-read by lawyers possessing a perfect mastery of the languages used.
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