Employment and social security law

Employment and social security law apply to the activities of every individual. Employment and social security law are broad and change continuously from a regulations viewpoint (well-being at work, working hours, etc.) as well as from the viewpoint of the relationship with work itself (employment contract, the right to stop work or reduce working hours, etc.). In addition, this sub-specialty of the law contains many provisions that can lead to criminal sanctions.

Our law firm advises its clients (employers or employees) on individual working relationships from the signing stage (employment contract contents and allowable clauses) to the performance stage (performance of the agreed work, working hours, the right to stop work or reduce working hours  etc.) and on to the termination stage (dismissal, resignation, etc.) of the employment contract.

We help many self-employed clients as well determine whether they are subject to social security contributions.

We also handle collective work relationships (internal company rules, collective agreements, right to strike, etc.) and advise our clients in connection with business restructurings (collective dismissals, redundancy schemes, etc.).
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