Restructuring and reorganization of businesses

Owing to our experience on financial matters facing businesses daily, we are able to assist our clients in analysing and implementing legal administration and/or insolvency proceedings or financial restructuring measures. This includes improving guaranties, transferring operational segments and even restructuring and reducing debts.

Administration and restructurings do not necessarily require a legal proceeding. However, when a business faces a cash crunch, its survival can depend on the temporary protection offered by the courts. We are involved routinely in legal administration proceedings both for the distressed business as well as for one or more creditors.

We do not accept assignments as administrators. However, we do routinely advise company bodies on all aspects related to insolvency proceedings. We also represent the creditors of businesses that have filed for administration both as part of the ordinary proceeding to report and accept claims as well as in more specific proceedings to hold the bodies of the insolvent business liable, recover the goods covered by a retention of title clause or sue the personal guarantors of the insolvent business.
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