Liability and insurance

Liability law has changed considerably. It is not so much the ground rules that have changed, but rather the perception of the public. Today, there is always a liable party and the liable party must redress the harm that it has caused.

The major disasters experienced by Belgium have tested the conventional rules. The rules must now follow in step. For example, on 29 April 2014, a new act that introduces class action lawsuits into Belgian law was published in the Moniteur Belge (the Belgian official journal). The collective harm sustained by a group of consumers owing to an the offence committed by a business must now be the subject of a specific proceeding designed to allow better access to justice by consumers.  

Changes in liability law directly impact insurance law. Insurers are continuously obliged to plan ahead for and adapt to the new challenges that arise from changes in regulations. Now, all the questions of liability and insurance impact all aspects of day-to-day and company life.

We help our clients in liability lawsuits to which they are parties either as plaintiffs or defendants. Our expertise includes professional liability (including medical malpractice) and public liability arising from road accidents, industrial accidents or just hitches in day-to-day life. We provide our services at all stages of the lawsuit: before the courts, during the expert evaluations, during negotiation and talks with the opposing parties.

Our expertise in insurance law also allows to understand the overall problems of liability and avoid obstacles arising from the complexity and the technical nature of modern insurance contracts as well as from applicable regulations.
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