Commercial mediation

Commercial mediation is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism that seeks to come to a negotiated solution using a neutral and trusted third party.

The role of the mediator is to help the parties to the dispute resolve their problems and come to a solution that is acceptable for both parties. The mediator does not take sides. By nature, mediation is confidential such that what is said during the mediation process cannot be disclosed subsequently.  This confidentiality is conducive to finding a negotiated solution.

Businesses are often unaware that the use of a third party well-versed in mediation techniques always makes it possible to shift the dynamics between the parties. Their arguments and concerns gradually shift away from the past and towards the future. How do you structure their future collaboration?

Attracted and convinced by the benefits of mediation, several members of our law firm have obtained the required certification to be appointed as mediators in Belgium and Germany. Christian Duvieusart and Thibaut Matray are certified mediators.
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