Fees cover the specific work of the attorney

Our fees

What do our fees cover ?
How are services estimated ?
How are fees calculated ?

Fees cover the specific work of the solicitors and barristers: drafting of contracts, consultations, telephone calls, meetings, expert evaluations, reading of files, research, preparation of hearing memoranda, petitions, summonses, pleadings and other procedural matters, appearances at hearings for submission, default judgments, closing arguments and the various routine processes required to manage a client case.

The various services provided by the law firm’s partners and associates are listed in a summary along with the actual time spent on such services that includes the travel or waiting time that such services required.

Except for separate agreements between the attorney involved and his or her client, the fees for our services are billed at a base hourly rate set at the time of the first consultation, depending, in particular on the seniority and experience of the partner or associate and the type, complexity and urgency of the matter.
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