International contracts

We have specific experience in drafting and negotiating international contracts.  

In international trade, the parties have great leeway to set up their contractual relationship as they see fit. This leeway begins first and foremost with the choice of the law applicable to the contract and by selecting the jurisdictions called upon to resolve any disputes. To do so, it is not necessary to call upon the courts of a given country. Alternative dispute resolution methods exist. Internationally, arbitration has gradually taken hold as the customary method for resolving disputes.

Most international contracts are written in English. However, our team speaks and writes many languages and also possesses the skills to draft contracts in other international languages such as French, German and Dutch.

We have drafted contracts in areas as diverse as turn-key construction projects, joint ventures, consortiums and partnerships, distribution agreements, technology transfers, research and development projects, manufacturing licence agreements, sales of goods (foodstuffs and others) and information technology projects.

Several years ago, Didier Matray and Françoise Vidts took part in drafting the model franchising agreement for the International Chamber of Commerce.
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