Banking and finance

The growth of financial regulations reflects the concern by Belgian and European Union lawmakers to ensure the transparency of financial markets, specifically with the aim of protecting businesses with shareholdings in quoted companies or consumers of financial products.

We advise our clients on regulations governing quoted companies, specifically in connection with tender offers. We also handle matters involving regulations governing financial products (MIFID Directive), specifically regarding consumer protection.

Our advice is routinely sought in matters involving financial criminal law. We handle them using all of our experience, concern for discretion and always in the best interests of clients.

Banking regulations are also proliferating. All individuals and businesses will need to open a bank account, take out a loan or own financial investments at one time or other.  Belgian and European Union lawmakers are continuously adapting regulations to keep pace with business practices.

Our law firm assists clients – banks or individuals – in connection with disputes involving all kinds of loans (consumer, small businesses, company, mortgage loans and so on).

Our experience comprises matters involving financial investments, portfolio management and bank accounts for which banks can be liable as a result of their information and advisory obligations.

We advise our clients both before and after a dispute arises and always with a view to better defend their interests.
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