Domestic and international arbitration

For several years now, arbitration has become the usual way of resolving disputes in international trade. Globally, it offers a neutral forum that is not affected by the procedural specificities of national law. In Belgium, arbitration can be an alternative to overwhelmed courts or a lack of specialization of judges in certain segments of the economy.

Our law firm has cutting-edge expertise in arbitration and is routinely requested to assist businesses in national and international arbitration proceedings.

We routinely handle disputes using the arbitration rules of the ICC’s International Court of Arbitration and of CEPANI, the Belgian centre for arbitration and mediation. We also possess recognized experience in ad hoc arbitration under the arbitration rules of UNCITRAL or Belgian law. We have also been involved in arbitration under the arbitration rules of DIS, CAMD, VIAC, and other arbitration fora.

We advise our clients at the time of the drafting of the arbitration agreement on what arbitration institutions and fora to choose, on the number of arbitrators to choose, on what procedural rules to apply and so on.  

We are also involved at each stage of arbitration. There is much leeway in the discovery procedure because of the flexibility of arbitration and its global nature.

In addition, we are involved in parallel proceedings before national jurisdictions for requesting provisional measures, petitioning support from a national court or appealing an arbitral award.
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